Heroine of Tattoos

Heroine of Tattoos is a passion project I've been working on in my free time over the last two months.
Role: Director, Producer, DP, and Editor
Client: Personal Project

Michelle Adams

This short profile on Michelle Adams was part of my PureWow interview.
Role: Director, Producer, DP, and Editor
Client: PureWow

Woods Coffee
Brand Film

Short film that Anthro Media produced and shot for Woods Coffee, a growing west coast coffee chain.
Role: Editor & Post Production Director
Client: Woods Coffee

Tilting Motor Works
Brand Film

My friends over at Emanate Media produced and shot for Tilting Motor Works.
Role: Editor
Client: Tilting Motor Works

Western Cultured
Holiday Ad

Holiday commercial done for Western Cultured, an i-502 Cannabis company. First commercial of its kind.
Role: Writer, Director, Producer, and Editor
Client: Western Cultured

Anna Victoria
Day in the Life

I followed Anna Victoria and her husband Luca for a day in NYC.
Role: Director, Producer, DP, and Editor
Client: PureWow



  1. Tattoo artists stories — tell the story behind various NYC tattoo artists and how they find inspiration in someone else’s idea while pursuing their style
  2. Entrepreneur in progress — show the excitement and struggle of being an entrepreneur in the early years. Showing how music helps inspire and refresh them
  3. Fighting for life – a series showing up and coming MMA fighters and how they balance training for one of the hardest sports out there while working a normal 9-5 to pay the bills
  4. Day in the Life — top fitness influencers, like Bradley Martin etc. Show the fitness and business side
  5. Work Life — a show discussing how different entrepreneurs and artists balance their work and life. Not taking a side, but instead creating a forum to discuss the topic from all sides
  6. Running an apparel brand — behind the scenes, Office style, of how some the coolest up and coming clothing brands are being built
  7. Under the microscope show — we take something we’re interested in that men interact with daily and learn something unexpected about it or how it works. ex. the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant, how a tattoo actually works, how your body processes BCAA’s, how colors effect emotions, etc.
  8. The evolution of Jordan’s — using a combo of curated footage and images + interviews with sneaker heads to tell the story of one of the most impactful line of shoes

(official titles tk)

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